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The Comeback of the Steam Shower: How to Get the Most Out of Your At-Home Spa Experience

As a child visiting from Israel, I remember walking into my grandparent's NY bathroom and seeing a teak bench in the shower. To my surprise, my grandmother explained that this was a steam shower and that my grandfather would come home after a long day at work and sit in his own personal sauna. This was a luxury I had not even imagined, yet it was and still is much more attainable than one should think.

So, are you looking for a luxurious and relaxing way to unwind after a long day? you might want to consider investing in a steam shower.

These past few years, I have seen an uptick in requests by clients for steam showers as part of the push toward wellness at home. As a result, I have been digging deeper and deeper into this technology making sure I can explain and recommend the best options for each client. During #KBIS2023 while visiting with a group of #designhoundskbis, representatives from Mr. Steam @steamtherapy discussed the impact of steam showers on respiratory, skin, and emotional well-being. Let’s look at how it works and tips for getting the most out of your at-home spa experience.

How Does It Work? A steam shower comprises five elements that work together to create a luxurious spa experience. The generator produces hot water vapor and pumps it through plumbing pipes into the steam head, which is released into the shower enclosure. The controls allow users to adjust the temperature and length of their steam session. Additionally, there are power requirements that must be considered when installing a steam shower—that’s why it’s essential to call in an expert if you plan on taking this route! Finally, the material used in your shower can also determine what size generator you need; stone is more porous, so you may need to overcompensate with a larger unit due to more water lost into the natural stone itself.

Virtual Spa Program: To help figure out which system best suits your needs, Mr. Steam has an incredibly helpful virtual spa program on its website. This program helps you find out precisely what type and size generator you need based on your shower dimensions as well as other factors like climate (humid vs. dry) and any additional features like aromatherapy or chromotherapy systems. Plus, Mr. Steam provides step-by-step installation instructions so anyone can install their own steam generator—although we always recommend calling in an expert if you have any doubts about doing it yourself! And last but not least, remember that proper insulation around your shower is key; this will help ensure that all heat generated stays within your shower area and that no cold air seeps in!

Investing in a steam shower can make all the difference when it comes to transforming your bathroom into an at-home spa experience! Not only does adding a steam element provide physical benefits such as improved respiratory health and increased skin hydration but also mental benefits such as improving sleep patterns and reducing stress levels. So if you’ve been considering upgrading your bathroom with something special, consider adding a steam feature for maximum relaxation! By following these tips and utilizing Mr. Steam's virtual spa program, you'll be sure to get the most out of your new investment!


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