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Think Chic Interiors is a full-service interior design firm based in Westchester, NY, serving clients in Westchester, Connecticut, and NYC.

The firm's work has been featured in Real Simple, 25 Beautiful Homes, Westchester Home Magazine, HGTV, and more.

Think Chic Interiors offers a broad gamut of design expertise ranging in scope from full home remodels to individual designs of kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and other living spaces.


Think Chic Interiors' design philosophy is rooted in Helfts' belief that homes are meant to be lived in, creating high-end, cohesive, and well-designed spaces that do not compromise functionality and durability. Helft is known for her ability to interpret each client’s vision and lifestyle to create bespoke, beautiful spaces that reflect the people within them. “We offer an experience, not only a service,” says Helft. “At Think Chic Interiors, we believe that true interior design should encompass the entire space and not just individual elements, so clients can sit back and watch their dream home come to life”. 


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Malka Helft is the visionary founder of Think Chic Interiors, a prestigious full-service interior design firm based in Westchester, NY. With vast experience in the fashion industry and a profound passion for scale, pattern, fabric, and color, Malka established the company in 2014, quickly cultivating a glowing reputation for her impeccable work ethic and exceptional design philosophy. Her impressive portfolio has been featured in numerous publications such as Real Simple, 25 Beautiful Homes, House Beautiful,  and HGTV.


Brooke is Think Chic Interiors' exceptional operations officer. Brooke Comes with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the interior design and furniture manufacturing industry, hailing from the beautiful state of North Carolina. Her experience growing up in the industry has given her a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in the production and distribution processes, making her an invaluable asset to the team at Think Chic Interiors.


Oscar is the Creative and Technical Director at Think Chic Interiors. He brings over ten years of experience in Design, Architecture, and Art, focusing on modernizing spaces through custom finishes and materials.


Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, Oscar has been an integral part of the rapid progress of the Art Community. He has collaborated on numerous projects with recognized artists and organizations, including Shepard Fairey, LISA Project, Drexel University, and the New York Hall of Science.

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